Omar TarTour


Heyy.. ● Im Omar I Think You Already Noticed That =D ! ● Im 20 Years Old .. Born In 1994 .. From Bilbeis c: ● I Wanna Have A Real Friends But I Think Im Just Dreamin' :\ ● I Don't Have a Gf ..So You Still Have A Chance To Be My New Gf ;) ● Im Really Love Myself ..Bt Thats Not A Bad Thing :D ! ●I Dont Care What You Think Of Me. Unless You Think That I'm Awesome, In This Case You're Right! (A) ● I Love Being Sarcastic! :P ● Im Not Perfect, I Dont Have To Be! ● If You Don't Like Me Go Sit With The Rest Like I'll Care! ●I'll Delete You If You Post A Bad Post On My Wall Or On Your Wall -.-'' ● Girls AREN'T ALLOWED!.. Don't Add Me Cause I'll Ignore Your Request :D ● I Hate When Someone Makes Fun Of Me .. Im Not A Fuckin' Clown.-.-'' ...That's Really Piss Me Off! ● I Hate School -.-'' .. It's Soo Freakin'' Borin' .. ●My Relationship Status Is Like My Ipad And I Dont Have One :D! ● Im Single .. I Dont Believe In Love..So Im In Relationship With Freedom =DD ● I Hate When Somebody Adds Me ..Then Askin' Me ''Who Are You? '' Or ''Do I Konw YOu?''..Damn!! Im Gonna Remove Youu! =@ ● Im Diffrent , People Just Can't Accept That So Screw You!! ● I Can Do Whatever I Want .. It Depends On My Freaky Mood =DD ! ● I Make Mistakes, i'm Not Born To Fake Perfection. ● If I'm Weird With You Then Realize That I'm Feel Comfortable With You ♥ ● I Laugh Like Crazy When I See Someone Angry (A) ● Actually Im Addicted To Silly Things ● I Always Think I Should Be Treated Like A Star (A) ● I Want My World To Be Fun. No Parents, No Rules, No Nothin', No One Can Stop Me.. ● Someone Once Told Me To Never Dream ...I Said ПΣVΣR SΛΥ ПΣVΣR.. -------------------------- That's Me

  • Work
    • Lоаdіпg.. ██████████████] 99%
  • Education
    • بلبيس الثانوية بنين
    • Egyptian Russian University (ERU)
    • Faculty of Engineering (ERU)