💫 euphoria

Student in Canada

💫 euphoria

Student in Canada

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⚠️: please read

💉: skip if u want (kinda vital, not rlly)

🎐just stuff abt me, skippable

💉: 🌙 about me 🌙

hello! my name is kade (but you can also call me the names of my kintypes!). im fictionkin/otherkin, a transboy, and homosexual. i go by he/him pronouns! i like to draw, sing, write, and go hunting with my family. i like making friends too!! my favourite song is melospiza of the star by trass, and my favourite video games are all of the games in the persona series (and pokemon!)

⚠️: ⭐️ kins/ids/identitiy⭐️

before i proceed, i should give a list of the characters i 'kin' with (theyr me tho),, these arent in any specific order, they all mean equally as much.

☄suga koutarou (forsest of drizzling rain)

⚡️clemont (pokèmon x/y)

☕️cilan (pokèmon b/w)

🏐oikawa tooru (haikyuu!!)

🔫minato arisato (persona 3)

🎹kousei arima (your lie in april)

and yeah, thats it. again, these are all me, so please dont request to follow. i might as well put comfort characters here as well?? they are:

✨shiori kanzaki (tag available)

❄️iwaizumi hajime (tag available)

🏹yukari takeba (tag unavailable)

🎻kaori miyazono (tag available)

thats all!

⚠️: 🍃dont follow if(s)🍃

please dont follow if youre:

-homophobic, transphobic, against otherkin etc etc

-over 18 (some exceptions! dm me.)

-spying on me

-using me to spy on someone

💉: 💧friends💧

my friends! these people are super dear to me, and they (kins) wont be available as tags. You can still follow though!! they are:

💜dew - the irl nepeta !💜

💚charlotte - th irl nagisa momoe, charlotte, azure/aqua, choromatsu matsuno, and araragi tsuhiki!💚

💙yea i dont have many friends uh


🎐: /conclusion

i hope we can be friends! id love to meet you.

ill probably accept most follow requests!