Lik Fenix

Transformative Coach, Life Artist, and Software Engineer in Marseille, France

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Using the medium of a transformative coaching conversation, I help people to have more ease, confidence and joy in life.

During our sessions, I create a safe place for you to explore your understanding of life, and I share some truths about how the life works and how your experience of life is created through the power of thought.

I guide you towards recognition of your innate wisdom, and show you the direction towards the inner peace and happiness, your innate resilience and the incredible place within you of higher clarity and higher performance.

By making my art, I want to spread the message of what it is to be human, how wonderful and beautiful our “ordinary” human life is. I want to inspire you to open yourself to you creativity and fuller, richer expression of who you are.

I am showing up in my life through coaching and art to inspire others to show up in their lives for their calling, to live their own remarkable lives, to do the work that matters for them and has a positive impact on others and the world.