Likisha Creighton

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

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I consider myself to be a humble help who assist others in need. In the past I have faced some rough situations and I had no support. I know first hand that a little something is better than a whole lot of nothing. Therefore, I spend my time blessing others. However, one person can't do it alone. That is why I extend the opportunity to you to join me in the blessing business.

I am a proud mother of five children. I am a licensed Florida Real Estate Agent. I am certified to provide childcare services. I consider myself to be a professional student because I am always open to learning. I have not had this outlook on life. I had to go through financial ruin in order to appreciate small things many people take for granted. While on my journey to make a life for my family I met others whose siutation were far worse than my own. The heart that I have I began to give the little I had and I was blessed with much more.

I fully understand the journey to your destination.

  • Work
    • Self Employed
  • Education
    • Some College
    • Florida Real Estate Agent
    • Childcare certified