Lila Green

Brooklyn New York

Lila Green is a Domestic Violence Survivor, published author and motivational speaker. Through her experiences, she has developed a passion for teaching men and women to empower themselves through fostering a sense of purpose, and by providing tools for personal growth and for developing self awareness.

Lila is also the founder of Hunks4Hope. It is a Men's Calendar Initiative that raises money for Domestic VIolence charities here in the Tri-State area. The hope is to one day be able to erradicate Domestic Violence through education and developing a unique support system based on encouraging self-development and self-love. You can read more about this initiative by clicking the link

Ms. Green was recently the recipient of Casa Esperanza's "Woman of The Year Award" in May of 2014. In honor of Dorothy L Gilbert. The award recognizes a woman of color who has overcome obstacles while remaining true to the values reflective of Dorothy L Gilbert FAITH and FAMILY. The recipient not only demonstrates leadership in her profession, but a dedication to her community all while continuing to strengthen her family. She had the privilege of being the keynote speaker where she delivered a powerful speech entitled "SUCCESS IS A DECISION".

In addition, Lila is also a model, actress and jewelry designer. You can read more about her by clicking the link Caribbean Lilac.

Stay tuned for more from this talented visionary.

Award Photo by: Freddy Alvarez

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    • Motivational Speaker
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    • Bachelor
    • St. John's University