Lil Baphomet

Hi there! You’ve heard the old trope about having an angel and a devil on your shoulder. Most people listen to the angel, at least they pretend they do, but have you ever wondered what the devil might say? Well, I can’t tell you what your devil would say, but I can tell you what A devil would!

I’m Lil’ Baphomet and I’m here to help! Now, the first Rule of the Earth in the Satanic Bible is to never give advice or opinions unless asked. But hey, my words are here for the asking. If you need advice and you find yourself asking the rare question “What would a random Satanist on the internet do?” then please write to me at! I can also answer questions about anything else I consider having helpful knowledge of or just follow me on Twitter and listen to me ramble!

If you’d like to explore what Satanism is then I direct you to: