Elizabeth Borenstein

Heart Centered Biz Coach in Portland, Oregon

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I'm Elizabeth Borenstein, the founder of Lil Birdie Social

Let me ask you…

✓ Do you know the difference between a hashtagand a handle?

✓ Are you overwhelmed by all the possible social media platforms, and don't know where to begin?

✓ Are you looking to find your unique voice within a crowded marketplace?

✓ Even though your business is successful, are you looking to authentically engage your audience and produce qualified leads?

These questions and more are how I learn about you, your business , and your competitors. That's how I learn what makes you unique. Then I help you with strategies to surpass your goals. l love helping people who may not be comfortable with technology to embrace its power.

My typical client is a business owner who doesn't have a marketing person, a marketing person who needs guidance in brand building for social media, or a sales person looking to increase their reach.The secrets I share are not the kind you learn in the many free seminars around.


• Digital marketing strategy

Brand based story telling for digital media

• Website implementation and usability

• Social media strategy & training

• Online customer acquisition

• Lead Generation& Loyalty

• Integrated communications