Anissa Mathias

Freelance Writer, Writer, and Herbalist in Atlanta, Georgia

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I am a mother of one, and I love to create all sorts of arts and crafts. I love to create, and the more hobbies the more crafts I have slated to make, the happier I am. I love to stay busy. I make jewelry of all types, do calligraphy, and dabble in paper crafts as well as story writing, poetry writing, and all kinds of other things.

My passion lies in herbs, aromatherapy, and holistic medicine, though I do not have a degree at the present time. I have been doing independent studies on natural health since 1994, and I love to share my wisdom with others.

My Natural Health Tesitomonial:

It was in 1994 when I came down with acute bronchitis. I asked my fiance at the time to go to the local herb shop and see what the herbalist there would recommend. I was tired of antibiotics and their aftermath. I wanted something that would make me feel better without tearing up my digestive system. He came back with four herbs and instructions on how to take them. Four days later, I was up and running. Since then, I have been experimenting, mixing and making my own remedies.

  • Work
    • Currently putting together a business for launch.
  • Education
    • High School Diploma and some College