Lil B Aka Wabzie

Lil B Aka Wabzie He is Somali Rapper And Songwriter,He Was 17 Years Old When He Did The First Song Called it"Noloshena Waa Bashaa" After That He Heard That He is a Good Somali Rapper That Time And That Was The Moment He Believe it He Can Make Some Good Music And He Can Do That On The Best Way After That He Showed The People That He Can Do On The Stage His Performance He Showed The People That He is a Talented Then He Recorded His Hit Song Called it "Gabar Shidan" This Hit Song Was The Second Best Somali Hip Hop Song in The Somali Websites For Week So That's Was Amazing And Was The Movement
Till Now.
Now Am Making New Songs And New Things So if You Want To Know My New Songs And My New Videos And My New Pictures This My Official Websites: