Lil' Bow-Tiques and More Gifts

Aldan, Pennsylvania

We bring all of our items to you. Headbands, hats, embroidered clothing, bows, flower clips, wings, tutus and much much more. Some items of course would have to be custom ordered.. Bows that have names, onesies that you would like to a name on....etc

We have lots that we bring. This way no one will leave empty handed, they buy and take home with them. (no ordering, unless they want to)

Every one who hosts a party will get one $20.00 certificate when we arrive (this is your to use to purchase any of our items) and you will get another one at the end of your party that will be equal to 20% of your total of sales from your party. Example... if we sell $200.00 worth of merchandise at your party, you will receive a gift certificate for $40.00. You can use this for future ordering.

At every party we hold a drawing... everyone that makes a purchase will have their name put into the box. At the end of the night we choose a name and they will win a free item.

TO PLACE AN ORDER, please send us a message either through email or on our Facebook page. We will then email you a invoice giving you directions on how to submit your payment. PLEASE NOTE: nothing will be shipped out until we receive your payment.