Joey Chambers

Joey Chambers Aka Lil Havoc has shown an interest in music ever since he was the age of 3. His first musical experience was when he was just 5 In a school talent show, as a vocalist. He loves nothing more than music, he says he makes music to express himself "I Can't write music I have to be emotionally attached to the beat then write the lyrics", also Joey had said "my music can help anyone know me more, better than any biography ever could". Having almost everyone doubt him he still pushes forward and makes his music the best he can, his supporters have many different names but joey's favorite is "Team Havoc".

In his own words "all I need is a mic" says he doesn't care if people dislike his music, because if there is at least one person that likes his music he won't stop. He Is Currently An UnSigned Artist Working with SureFie Music To Create His Very First Album "New Generations" . Lil Havoc's major goal is to work with those who he had looked up to when he was younger, such as Lil Wayne, Eminem, Chris Brown, Neyo, & Lil Kim. He said "I'll work till one day I may be given the crown of hip-hop, it will be a rough journey but I know it'll pay off", His all time inspiration is Eminem and hopes one day soon Eminem himself will pass down his legacy to lil havoc. If There is one kid with as much bravado as anyone joey will be the first person you think of. His music not only describes what he feels but also what's going through his mind. His first freestyle/single (Let Havoc Reign) was released he made a promise to himself that no matter how much people will hate him for it he will speak what ever is on his mind.