Lilian Nabora

Leuven, Belgium

I’m a photographer and graphic designer based in Belgium. Photography has been one of my passions since I was a schoolgirl. Growing up in Tanzania it was very difficult to have a camera of my own. This couldn’t stop me from taking photos whenever the opportunity arose. I used to like being on both side of the camera. It wasn’t until I was able to buy my own camera that I started to capture every moment, which was special to me.

I remember in most of the events I used to walk around with my camera and take pictures. If it was a church event, wedding, birthday party, kid’s school events, sports, and office events I was there with my camera. My cameras have become a daily part of my handbag. My kids and friends have been my number one models.

All this time I was doing photography as a hobby until I was able to acquire a serious SLR camera. I then decided to take photography seriously and make a business out of it. I enrolled myself in photography classes and with the information technology training background it was very easy to follow photography software classes. My love for arts has also contributed a lot in the way I capture my images. My style is distinctive and the approach is natural, spontaneous, and artistic. I always try to capture images which are different, exciting, and of the high quality.

I love photography and graphic designing. I learn something new every day. There a plenty of beauty around us.


  • Education
    • Information Technology, Enterprinsing Communication, Development Studi