Lily Neu

Personal Trainer, fitness model, and Life Coach in UK

Lily Neu

Personal Trainer, fitness model, and Life Coach in UK

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Lily Neu is a 37-year-old mother, model, PT and chef originally from Colombia, with a stint in Germany and now resides in London (UK).

Although being the mother of a 13-year-old boy limits her freedom and time to dedicate to her ambitions, she manages to train every day, work as a professional model and graphic designer, and pen her soon to be published recipe book of healthy dishes.

A former gymnast and semi-pro sky-surfing athlete, Lily has always revolved her endorphin fix in the physical challenge arena. As she is 35 and very active on social media, many of her followers are women and girls inspired and motivated by her drive to make age just a number and lifestyle something attainable by anyone who wants it. Her nutrition and fashion choices are trusted by many because of her “leading by example” mentality.

In August 2017 Lily competed in her first contest, the WBFF World Bikini Diva at the o2 Indigo in London in front of hundreds of thousands world-wide on social media; SHE WON FIRST PLACE! She is now a WBFFPRO and World Champion! Her success was down to her disciplined training and nutrition program that was completely natural. Now with a PRO card, she has gained a following and is becoming quite the influencer on social media.

NEXT... Her next goal is to compete in the WBFF PRO class in 2019. She has created her brand NEU-

BODY under which she will provide nutritional/training guidance and courses to clients internationally as well as to her followers on social media. Her soon to be published recipe book includes dishes comprising of healthy alternative ingredients from leading brands of nutrition supplements.

With her age, story and experience, she appeals (and gives access) to a demographic that is desperate to relate and see the potential results they can achieve. Women in their 20s and 30s are inspired by Lily who is able to succeed despite lifestyle and every day pressures thatthe younger generation simply don’t have. She is in a perfect position to generate interest and influence on anything she endorses. Already she is a sponsored athlete of leading brands such as DYMATIZE Nutrition and RYDERWEAR Clothing.

She is energetic, hard working and highly organized.

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