Liliana Bordallo

Student, Small Business Owner, and Realtor in Miami, Florida

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As Director of Household Services Inc. Lilis, Liliana Bordallo offers a wide array of valuable services to families and home owners in Miami, Florida. Such services include interior design, home care for out-of-state clients, in addition to event planning and coordinating. Liliana Bordallo tends to the details that improve quality of life for her clients.

Since her youth, Ms. Bordallo has been interested in home décor and the harmony found in well-decorated houses. One of many services she offers her clients is assessing their current interior design, and then working with them to develop plans for redecoration. Liliana Bordallo studied interior design at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina, and she has a passion for helping her clients create homes that are beautifully decorated. She combines her love of art, which led her to teach painting and drawing earlier in her career, with the interior design services that she provides to help clients reach their goals. She looks to sources such as the Armani Casa collection and the Design District Magazine for sources of inspiration. Whether clients tend toward neutral or more vibrant colors, modern or retro silhouettes, elegant or casual patterns and textures in their homes, Ms. Bordallo can help guide them to a design that will suit their tastes and revitalize their home.

Beyond her interest in interior design, Liliana Bordallo is passionate about music. She studied classical music for 10 years, and also worked as a piano teacher. In addition, she enjoys practicing yoga and rhythmic gymnastics. An art enthusiast, she has traveled internationally to visit many well-known art museums. Ms. Bordallo is also active in charitable causes in her community, including outreach to local orphanages and hospitals.