Liliana Velásquez

Medellin, Colombia

Liliana Velasquez Montoya is a performer (dancer, actress, model, comedian, writer) currently based in the city of Berlin. She was born a creative fiery spirit, into a traditional Colombian family. The first of 5 children she dreamed of leaving her wonderful, beautiful caring catholic home, to explore and be on her own (relatively) wild self discovery. In her twenties she moved to NYC to pursue Fashion, but life is not always what we plan. Thru the adventurous streets, galleries, museums, clubs, and excitement of NYC she found that her creativity was being fuelled thru dance, theater, painting, modeling and finding her voice in stand up comedy. Facing the challenges of regular everyday life. The artist in the grind. Today she is starting a new and yet the same life in Berlin.

Comedic Actress contemporary dancer with a passion for traditional argentine tango.