Lilian P. Mata

I'm a mexican nutritionist worried about health issues around the world. I'm currently working at the Technology and Innovation Center, powered by TELMEX and Telcel in colaboration with the Carlos Slim Health Institute. This job meant an adventure for me, as I started incursioning in mobile health technologies development, which is AMAZING btw. One example (I've been working really hard on) is the MIDO health calculators project, which consists on early detection of chronic diseases. It is made for healthcare providers and regular guys/pals (it cannot be used by underage people), and it's all about telling you your health status (available for iOS and Android).

Another project I'm working on is "Discover eat" planned to be exclusive for nutritionists and their patients. There's also a web page for weekend athletes so they can choose a different activity every weekend and stay active. These projects are still being worked on, so expect them soon!

I'm taking a course on health marketing, and I am planning on doing my masters degree in communication, management and health.

I like private practice and that's why I enjoy making life much easier for professionals like me and our patients, 'cos we all know changing habits is not just "a piece of cake", it involves hard work and a possitive state of mind.

I'll be excited to get in touch with you people :)