Lili Cobain

HI! :D

this's my Twitter, this's my VK, but u don't know of this site.. its name's Vkontakte, becuse in Russian it means In contact.. it is the biggest social Network in USSR... :DD

i'm Lili, my own name's Liya, but i like when friends call me Lili:) I think those name's more pretty... haha:D also i'm "youtuber", if I may say so..)

genrally, i live in UA.. UA is Ukraine :D it's small.. i don't like it because it is very

about music..* i love rock'n'roll.. i love music.. my favorite singer is Great and Terrible -- Marilyn Manson!! ^_^ sometimes Rammstein) By the way my name is Cobain because I love Kurt Cobain:3

if u want to know more about me, u'll ask me to tell u:) that's all)