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Hi! I’m Lillie Morales, Entrepreneur and your Image+Brand Mentor. I work with serious small business owners, bloggers and personalities that are ready to take it to the next level. I also blog, have a photography business and run my mini entrepreneur daughter’s new YouTube channel. Busy is not the word. Passionate is more like it.

Business has been my passion from a very young age. I observed the family businesses growing up which taught me what to and not to do. When I was 13, I read a book called The Baby Sitter’s Club and was intrigued. Young girls running a business. So, I created a flyer for babysitting services which got me into trouble with my dad- he didn’t want me giving our home number out. Oops. So, that flopped but I had another idea only a few months later. My mom bought me a cool kit that taught me to make hair bows and clips. I loved it so much and made tons of them. One day, my grandmother came over and saw all the bows I had made and suggested I sell them. She took some to work and sold out. I bagged them, made a list for inventory and priced everything. We sold out every time. That was only the beginning.

At the age of 18, I opened up a small music and electronics shop- which taught me that partnerships are not always a great idea. But I learned so much by running the business and creating promotions, programs with incentives and working with other companies and vendors, so it was not time wasted. Without failure, there is no success. I worked for small businesses that were managed poorly and others that were somewhat successful. I picked up a lot along the way. Later on, I attended Disney University where I took Business Communications courses. That took my knowledge to a whole other level.

And fast forward- after becoming a mom and wanting to get back to work, I somehow fell back into running a business. My degree is in Communications with a focus in Journalism and minor in Media+Film. Photography has always been another passion of mine which I have been doing since a teen. Being a mom, I wanted to capture all of my baby’s precious moments. I went to photo studios for a whole year feeling frustrated with the lack of customer service and creativity. So, I picked up my old film camera again and began to do it myself. Before I knew, friends were asking me to take their pictures and then referring me to each other. Without realizing it, I became a home based business. It w

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