Linxiao Li

Phoenix. AZ

Hi, nice to meet you in the cyberspace. I’m Linxiao Li, graduate student at Walter Cronkite school of Journalism and Mass Communication, ASU. I also work for Reynolds Center for Business Journalism as a graduate assistant.As I am going through changes all the time, it’s kind of hard to define myself. I was born and raised in China, utterly immersed in Chinese culture. U.S. to me is like a lifetime pan-pal, I heard from her every now and then but never got the chance to meet. I’m glad that this summer I finally introduced myself to this familiar stranger.For undergraduate study, I majored in business journalism and minored in finance in Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing. During the 4 years there, I took several internships at media and technology companies, including CCTV, Financial Times(Chinese) and Atos. Those wonderful experiences sparked my fascination(or some would say obsession) with the business of technology.If I have to use no more than one word to describe myself, I would choose curious. I’m curious about almost EVERYTHING, and drawn to action.

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