Lilith Fae

Hello! I'm Lilith, a 19 year old girl from England with a love of roleplaying! My other interests are music and film as well as being an avid photographer.

Roleplaying Bio :

For reference, the picture over on the left is the character I play in my fantasy scenes. A lovely catgirl named Lyila~ & over on the right, that's me! c:

I RP anything from modern day to fantasy scenes. I enjoy your general modern day slice of life roleplays as long as there is some depth and detail behind them. As for fantasy I'm an open book! I tend to stick to original settings and plots but I am open to some gaming based scenes, i.e WoW, Assassin's Creed, Fable. The only things I don't roleplay is anything fandom {glee, doctor who, etc} If you're interested then feel free to drop me an email.