Liliya Strikauskas

Since 1995s i really have no idea, what i should do in my life. And also sometimes i don't understand why i made this blog. But... if i does strange things, why not? So, NAMASTE everyone who read it now. I'm Lily and i was born in spring.

Everything what i like is drawing. Oh, believe me, it's one of few things, what i can do good. Or not bad, or not awful, you know. I painting people, 'cause i quess all of you are beautiful. I try to find sence of my life under it. And... i think, i got it :)

Unfortunately, i always can't say anything about myself. It always sounds like gibberish of child. Seriously. And it's not funny ever :)

In conclution (это, собственно, единственная фраза, которая безмерно радовала меня на уроках английского языка в школе) i wanna wish you live your life and to love, what you do. Please, be good humanbeen and better, than me.

Lovebird 9|13