Hi, My name is Marcy! Im 14 and my birthday is October 29th! I use female pronouns!

I'm dating my wonderful gf Fae 💕

My main interests are Kaiba, Kyousougiga, Keroro Gunso, and BGHS ;0

* I kin with Haruka from BGHS!! Please don't follow if you kin with her...My only comfort character is Keroro from Keroro Gunso! You can follow if you kin I don't really mind.

Also please do not follow if you have any problems with my close friends, Akari (@akagimiria), Dani (@kurumitokiwa), Momo (@ryuuseiboi), Chloe (@yomiumi), Dea (@abiyoushi), Bri (@scarlottey), and Abby (@fluorettsuki)!!

You don't have to dm, but if you read this, thank you!