안녕! lillay 입니당. Don't talk like a 'child' or perform some cutenes in front of me! I hate it. Coz i can be weak (?) kkk.

Ask my character? I can be friendly, full emot, cool B). But, sometimes I can switch my self to fierce. And once, I like to speak honestly,

Actually, I can't. Yes, I can't leave this rpw, because of Minho. My fake boyfriend. I love him soo much coz his character is soooooo pervert.(?) Yeah, if i may be honest, i like boys the pervert type, cool like him. lol. And there is some people prevet me, including: suzy, hayoung, jeesye, cchio, seohyun, jin, ssul, batrick, aranger, yoona. 8x-girls stel, soft, yoonjo, fairy, ahreum. And some person too much I love, genteng, jiyeon, blos, rawr. SARANGHAE! Yul umma, jin ah mama, kai papa, suho appa, kyu appa, engkong. My child yura, seo, naeun, sulli, suzy, cungje, hayoung. My beloved eonni seo eonni. My sis cchio :3 my real friends suzy, hayoung, yoonjo, nawn.

Just silent like a.. (•̅_•̅ )