I love: dance parties, live music, running, dark beer, golfing, exploring, non fiction books, witty banter, volunteering with kiddos, discovering great bands/songs, my bed, traveling, being from the Midwest, my kindle, word play games, The Daily Show, documentaries, AOL and sporting the swag, paying it forward, coffee, writing/blogging, my sisters, competition (bring it), hiking, roller coasters, Southwest Airlines, scavenger hunts, quirkyness, forts, the underdog.

I dont love: odd numbers, sea urchin, marker smell, cracking joints, the color pink, road rage, double negatives, sitting still, trite Facebook updates, being the navigator, most reality TV unless in used in thoughtless meditation (all MTV programming counts), birds, cats and squirrels, when two people sit on the same side of the booth, waiting in lines or waiting in any other context, picking the restaurant.