Lilliam Fonseca

Student in Humacao, Puerto Rico

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Hi, my name is Lilliam M. Fonseca Rivera. I’m 19 years old and aspire to be an educator in philosophy and write a book. My major is Social Sciences. I have strong morals; such as: responsibility, respect and fairness. I believe my writing and verbal communication skills are deeply developed and will help me in achieving my professional goals that will be facilitated by my technological skills. I consider myself a humble, friendly and cheerful person. From my personality, my leadership and empathy are two of the attributes that stand out the most; characteristics that will help me achieve my goal of becoming an educator and writer. I consider myself a good student. I am not to blame the teacher for my qualifications or to criticize his teaching method. It's my responsibility to learn and not judge based on personal grounds.

One of my great passions is learning. I believe that learning is a continuous process that never ends,and we should not be satisfied with what is established but look beyond what weknow. Therefore, I want to educate and create proposals of philosophy orhumanities that can be an essential part of the educational system in mycountry or be part of the fundamental social philosophy for human life. Ibelieve then that the purpose of our lives is a work in progress that isconstantly changing or looking for it. But if for the course defining thepurpose it is important, then I consider that my purpose now is learning continuously, regardless of whether the knowledge acquired is for my own purposes or to share it.

To learn more about me and some of the work that I have done you can view my electronic portfolio.

  • Education
    • University of Puerto Rico in Humacao