Lillian Moya

Miami, Florida, United States

As history is the greatest story ever written. life is the experience we take a hold of and play with, learn from, use to innovate, and move ourselves in.

I have done a lot of things, and they've all added up pretty nicely. I have traveled to the opposite edges of each pole, and have found a happy medium where I can truly enjoy both extremes at the perfect time.

And so I write for fun; I paint out of passion; I think for stimulation; I observe out of wonder; and I find a lot of peace in the smaller things in life. I am a very highly connected human being, technologically and otherwise, but I do love a handwritten letter although I own Google Glass and am waiting for the Apple iWatch.

The world we live in is not stopping, time is not coming to an end, so I find it necessary to be compatible, and absolutely happy, with life as we all seem to know it in today's world. I have chosen to be connected because it's our necessary evolution as social, human beings. Our natures have brought us here, and we should revel in our accomplishment as a species.

  • Work
    • LEMKTG Inc
  • Education
    • A lot... and more to come. AA, BFA, BBA, Certificates & lots of Life.