Lillian Huckabee

I have traveled throughout the US and beyond to fuel my love for the sport of rock climbing. I have experienced everything from rock climbing in my home state of North Carolina to ice climbing in the alaskan tundra. My love for rock climbing started when I discovered the thrill I get when I do activities that involve height. The first time I ever rock climbed was on a mountain called Table Rock in Tennessee. I tried out every type of terrain and difficulty because I was intrigued by the idea of a challenge when figuring out how to get to the top of the rock. After trying out local parks and climbing gyms, I decided it was time to go bigger. The summer after my sophomore year in high school, I traveled to Oregon to spend some time climbing in the Smith Rock national park. Some of the terrain I climbed included molten rock, tuff, and basalt. I spent a week improving my skills on basic formations leading up to my final destination of a rock called “Monkey’s Face.” On my last day, I made the traverse up to Monkey’s Face and summited to the peak of the rock. Since my experience in Oregon, I have expanded my rock climbing journey as far as Alaska where I was introduced into the exciting world of ice climbing. My interest in rock climbing continues to grow and keeps me excited for my next challenge.