Lillian Calle-Temple

Have a great life, originally from South America, LIMA-PERU, left my country of origin many years ago...Have a great life always, we are 3 Generations since the time we came to USA, which I love and dreamt to be here the rest of my life. Thanks UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH AND MY WHOLE FAMILY LOVES YOU TOO.

I started 40 years ago studying English as well Finances and worked for 5 years in the Organization of American States, then my family and I moved to California and lived there many years until my girls married to Peruvian-American wonderful young men...they four met at the universities where they were studying. Now days all my family moved to Florida State, each lives in differents cities of the Sunshine State. I have chosen the beautiful city of Pensacola in the Gulf of Mexico, in the Florida Panhandale.