Lillian Linker

Student in San Antonio, Texas

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Hi there! My name is Lillian, also known to some as Lilly. I currently live in San Antonio, Texas, where my time is taken up by a number of exciting activities (other than sweating in the Texas heat). I'm an animal loving, tree-hugging nature fanatic that loves to take weekends off from my homework-filled life to lie in my green hammock. When I’m not appreciating earth’s gifts, some of my other hobbies include photography, music, painting, creating, petting animals, and volunteering. I am a very social person and I love nothing more than conversing and socializing with others, especially strangers, which is why I really enjoy the volunteer work that I do at my church. Where I volunteer, I talk to so many different people in a single day, even encountering familiar faces on a regular basis. My job usually consists of distributing products and necessities to people in need of them, and while I do strive to do my job correctly, my main goal is to be more than just a straight face behind a counter. A warm, welcoming smile, accompanied with a genuine, positive attitude can go a long way to those who have been waiting for hours on end just to meet me up at that counter. It’s the little things that I think matter in life, such as smiling as strangers and genuinely caring, and my constant goal is to live each day with as much kindness, excitement and joy as I can possibly handle.