My writing is a hearty, wholesome soup. It begins with the best stock made out of bones, gristle, and the flesh of grammar. I add fresh adjectives and metaphors to spice up my words again and again, until the taste of each sentence is perfect. Then, I let that simmer as I marinate my bulk of ideas and filter out the fatty, useless pieces. I add my ideas one at a time and make sure that the pot never overflows with random sentences or facts. Once finished, I pour it carefully into a clean bowl and present it next to its original recipe and directions. It is clear that I follow the directions loosely so that I may add my own thoughts and creativity into the dish, but it never strays too far from the original.

I take pride in my work and like to watch as my customer spoons their first bite of my slow cooked words into their mouth.

Picture: Just BARE Chicken