Lil Miss Sunshine

Sitting by the window, waiting for your text..

Flip my eyes up and down, so deprived of rest..

Wondering bout you, its time I rewind..
All the times spent with you were one of a kind…

All said and done I come to a conclusion..
Come what may, life without you is just not done..

No.. you aren’t just a aren’t just a wife…
You mean the world to me, you mean to me, my life..

My heart cries..the pain of being away kills..
I try and pacify it, giving the “Temporary Time” pills..

Love me the way you want, bite..scratch or rip me apart..
All you’ll find, is my one loving heart…

Scares me the thought of going away from you..
I promise our lives would be crazy & everyday would be new..

Just come to me my lil grl..come n hold me tight..
I’ll grab you in my arms and never let you outta my sight..