Joanne Hale

michigan city, IN

Joanne Hale

michigan city, IN

Joanne has to be the most brilliant self-taught knitter/crocheters to come from La Mesa, CA, and now lives in Michigan City, IN with her family and pets. Networking herself in the online communities, and in her little city, to become a well-known designer and pattern creator.

In 2009, she had a feature front page in the Michigan City News Dispatch. And has been a stronghold for the push to get knitting back into the limelight, by being apart of the network Stitch-N-Bitch and Craft Yarn Counsil of America .

She can be found teaching this craft at the local library for free, providing the community with help for crafters, students, and those needing an outlet, by giving them something new to pick up. Not only to create crafts for themselves, but to give of themselves and make items for the local hospital and other needy causes during the winter seasons.

It is her hopes that with each stitch, communities can come together and put down their hositilities and create something that will brighten their day.

The model featured is 3year old Vance Michael of Michigan City, IN.

7 Years Experience, including design and pattern writing

4 Years Teaching Experience

College Triple Major: Psychology/Sociology/Mathematics


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