Michelle Ouellette-Castillo

somewhere in time

Wow... if I wrote a book, precisely touring you through my past and present days... you'd put it back on a comical/crime-drama/selfhelp (what not to do unless you're a true gankster)/fiction section. However, every word would be true, most of the witnesses are still alive for any investigative research on the topics at hand if there is any doubt to there actuallity... some may be to drain bamaged to recall their own middle names, but... they will know mine, and some even know the many aliases. As chaotic, ironic, karmatic, and misunderstood as every single hour past has been, I would NOT change a second. For they tell a story worth reading, as unpredictable as the universe, yet as familiar as the steady phases of the moon.... you can count on me... to be real... whether favorably or in complete disdain, I say what I mean, and I mean what I say. I'm sorry if sometimes it comes out wrong, I try to slow it down, but the words trip over my tongue, racing towards my lips, before I can shut my mouth and filter and cage them with my teeth. I assure you there has never been ill intent in any thought, word or action that has escaped me. If i put you out there, it is with no words I would not say to your face. Know this.....I own it all. I am a terrible liar, I tell on myself for every poor choice I make, I AM aware that everything IS my fault, I will apologize earnestly to anyone I have made at the least, uncomfortable, I will apologize to anyone who has wronged me, assuming again, it is always my fault. I speak as I think, I never relax, I probably never will learn to just *stop* (a body in motion .... is still alive. ) I won't back down on my convictions.... to say * I believe * in someone/thing .. means I have touched it's surface, heard its sound, seen it's vehicle, tasted its molecular existance. Except in the form of emotion. There are those, that I *just know* are real. The ones that hurt so intensly , that make your chest so full of nothing it aches and comes one breath from combusting, or those that physically to the touch... make your skull separate into plates, making room for the amount of overwhelmingly neglected unresolved situations that rage to justify the current query, speaking loudly over each other trying to be heard. Knowing all the while the world is deaf to their existance. So they are stifled inside my head... and occassionally, riot so loudly, I crack. I apologize for the rambling, , It's my head, and I'm workin on it. nowgoworkonyours

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