That Guy

About me?..what about me?...I think a better question is..What about YOU?...Yeah..let that sink in...Sit with it...Deal with its repercussions...However,in the mean time..while you grow..peep this:

I'm Lamar..but people call me "That Guy",lilq,Q,asshole,jerk..list goes on...Anywhoples,I offend people almost on the daily basis..haha..don't like it? for you..

I very much enjoy making people laugh til they piss that's why I took up making YouTube Videos( and

Though I haven't been called one to my face,but I'm pretty sure there are some people that think I'm a racist...Well let me go on the record saying..I haven't nor will I ever be..a racist...Anywhoples,if someone thinks I'm a racist because I said something mean to them..maybe I just don't like a person..bastards..

I can be brutally honest..brutal...As I may have mentioned..I've been known as a cocky, arrogant, sarcastic, narcissistic, cold-hearted, funny, comedic, jerk..and I'm okay with that..

I don't mean to sound cocky but...Wait,what am I saying?..of course I meant to be cocky,because that's the real me!!...Thanks for reading..