Randy Almighty-Voice

My name is Randy AlmightyVoice, i am 15 years old therefore i was born on October 4th, 1995. I like to play basketball, its my favorite sport & I could rap, i've done many performances around the city & i plan to do more. I have lots of friends who got my back and show me respect to the most highest level, ever since i was a young kid my favorite rapper was and still is Eminem.

Pen got a mind of its own gotta write my rhymes with a timer otherwise i'd probably vibe out to a 9 minute song. As the echo follows the mazzerati, as it petroswallows im a thousand bodies away from my skeleton, check your bible inside it, it'll say this guys an elaphant im, fly like im, killing the scenes like im. A villain with wings i'll sleep when im six feet deep right now im living a dream