Elijah Wilson


Hello My Name Is Elijah Wilson
Producer Known As Shadow Elijah'
20 years old

At the moment im looking for Guidance From a record label to help me progress in my music career ive been Producing for 5 Years now
i Started off on Fruityloops 3 then gradually worked my way up ^
i had to self tutor myself to know how to 'Make & Master Sounds'
In 2009 i switched over to using ''Reason 4
Took A whille to Get The Hang Of It But it was worth it because ive learnt so much just by using #REASON
& And Still till this day im using Reason ''5''

Mid way through out that i became a
Rapper / Singer / Song Writer
Then Started To Record My Own Tracks
i see Myself as a Versatile act
Because i Never like to Stick To a Pacific Genre

lil Shadow / Shadow Elijah"