Welcome to Lil'shy!



We are brand new, and I think you will like what we have to offer. Almost finished redecorating? Something missing? Not quite sure what. Maybe a pillow or two?

In April 2013 we will be opening a online store that offers pillow cases. Not your everyday ones but decorative AND functional pillow cases. A great way to add flare to a room.

Ever buy an expensive pillow case, take it home, and the first two things you notice are 1- the design you wanted is only on one side and the back piece is almost see through. 2- it is not finished! you turn it inside out and the seams aren't finished, after a wash or two it will start to unravel. To top it off you bought the one the matched best but it really was not what you wanted but all you could find.

All are handmade with care. The material is tested for washing and drying, so no surprises when you take it out of the dryer!

Each collection is limited, because they are handmade But do not fear, a new one will be available as soon as possible. It will be a first come first served policy.

Right now there are approx. 7 collections, titled The Serengeti Collection. Each separate collection is one animal such as The Lioness Dream and The Cheetah Dream, as an example.

So drop by our website and check out our sneak previews!