Celia Cortez

Denver, Colorado, United States

When I was 5 legend goes while running earrons with my mother and 2 Older brothers I simply stated that when i got older i was going to get married have 2 kids divorce the guy, cause no body was going to tell me what to do...

25 pregnant with my 2nd child I had filed for divorce from their father who had started dateing some one new while still married to me. My life as raw and uncut as you allow me to be. From dateing, abuse, mental and physical, two life changeing diagnosis. Drug use, my crazy life. And my need to get anyone to understand all the while repeatedly hitting bottom and ultimately loseing my kids, my freedom, my mind. My every day struggle to be accepted by a understanding not understanding world. My return from the hell that only a addict knows. Recovering from the devil we call CRYSTAL METH

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