Lily Greenwood

Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Lily Greenwood is currently a tenant at Manchester Craft & Design Centre (UK) housing two floors of contemporary studios open to the public 6 days a week. Work is made and sold on-site. Lily has been painting full time for over 7 years, exhibiting widely throughout the UK, and has sent work across the world. She exhibited overseas for the first time in 2012, with two shows in Barcelona, and one in Amsterdam.
Work reflects a love of nature, instilled from an early age, and subject matter usually features birds, flowers, or most frequently, butterflies, in glorified representations. Work is often oriental in style; Lily is greatly influenced by eighteenth century printmakers such as Hokusai and Hiroshige, and Japanese kimono design. Lily has developed an innovative technique using her own paintings as collage material to produce a final piece. For example, butterflies are meticulously hand-painted, then reproduced, hand-cut, and arranged in a composition on the canvas. Washes of inks are applied, and sometimes hand-painted or drawn details, before a clear gloss varnish is added, securing the work and adding an opulent lustre.

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    • Painting
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    • Manchester Metropolitan University