Lily Steiner

Looking for Out of the Box Innovation ? A fresh approach ?

Lily Steiner is the Founder of American Business Gateway. She is a serial entrepreneur and has over 25 years of international business experience. Her expertise spans business consultation, development, financial facilitation and venture capital funding, with companies in the U.S., China and Australia. She has consulted across a diverse range of industries, including technology, sustainability, communications, training and travel.

Lily has pioneered new products into the U.S. market place, with sales into mass market retailers such as WalMart and Federated; retail chains such as Nordstrom and Kinney, in addition to U.S. catalogs and retail stores.

Lily also has a long-standing commitment to education. She has 10 years of classroom experience and has worked in conjunction with Education Ministers and curriculum development personnel. She has facilitated corporate training and mentored individuals and business leaders through personal and business growth with individual coaching and lifestyle skills.

She has also produced and directed over 50 television programs.