Lily Andrea Alvarez Hoyos

Student in Cartagena, Colombia

My name is Lily, my middle name is Andrea and my last name is Alvarez Hoyos, I am 23 years old, i am from Toluviejo sucre but I live in Cartagena City and my nationality is Colombian , my address is Almirante Colon neighborhood Apple T lot 17 stage 2nd. I am student at Tecnologico Comfenalco.My family is formed by my father, my mother, two brother and one sister, their names are Jaime Alvarez, Lily Hoyos, Jaime Andres Alvarez, Jose Jaime Alvarez and Natalia Alvarez respectively.

My father's age is 52,he is an industrial Mechanic in Ecopetrol, his hobbies are listening to music and playing bowling, his favorite color is blue and his favorite music is Vallenato, his favorite singer is Diomedez Diaz and his favorite sport is Baseball. My Mother's age is 42, she is a housewife, her hobbies are watching TV and cooking, her favorite color is yellow. My older brother's age is 25 he is a technical in industrial refrigeration, his hobbies are listening to music and playing the Guitar, his favorite color is blue, his favorite sport is Baseball. My second brother's age is 17, he medical student at University of Sinu, her hobbie is playing soccer. My younger sister's age is 13, she esa high school student, is in eighth grade at school Lujan, her hobbie es dancing.

My hobbies are listening to music and watching TV, my cellphone is 3043733210, my favourite color is black, my favourite place is the beach because i like to watch the sunsets, my favourite food is meat, my favourite drink is lemonade , my favourite object is my cellphone, my favourite clothing is dress, my favourite sport is soccer. my blodd is A positive and I don't have alergies.

My daily routine when i get up at 8:00 o'clock , i brush my teeth and i take a shower, and I eat my breakfast.

My hair is long the color black, my eyes are small, my mouth is small my height is medium, i am slim.