Lily Blanc Cliquer De Vitesse

Artist in Tasmania, Australia

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From a very early age Lily Blanc exhibited an aptitude for the implementation, invention and care of clockwork mechanisms and robots.

As a teenager growing up in a small village in Realm 015, she contructed a tiny brass implementation of Charles Babbage's Difference Engine, to the delight of local boffins.

She grew up to be a respected artisan, artist and integrator , creating many clockwork marvels.

In recognition of her amazing feat in the restoration of the "Argleplex Giant Metal Robot" of Realm 023, the Institute of Mind, Mechanism, and Metaclocktic appointed her to the position of "Keeper Of the Gears".

Currently on secondment to the Air Ministry's craft, the "Ponrabbel Boilertrumpet", on its multi-dimensional mission. Lily Blanc's task on this mission is that of interpretation of found objects and technology acquisition across the many Realms.