Livia Papiernik


Hi! My name is Livia Chaia Papiernik. I'm 18 and currently doing a BA in embroidery at the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court Palace. I was born in Paris and bought up as a bilengual due to my French farther and my British mum. At 13 I left France and joined a boarding school in Dover.

I've always been a creative child, but I really became passionate about textiles during my Alevels. Apart from textiles, I am a martial Art's fan, I've been doing Karate since the age of five, and I've recently started Kickboxing! I also love history, which I've often interpreted into my textiles pieces!

I hope this blog can be both inspirational and helpful to you!

  • Education
    • Dover College
    • Royal School of Needlework