Lauren Hayes

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania USA

I love hiking & travel. I enjoy trips a few times per year, normally. Most everything changed from what was the "norm" as life dished out some unexpected curveballs. My goal is to overcome the adversity and return even stronger for having endured what most cannot even imagine.

I'm a dedicated, capable, web & IT professional who loved the job, where my work was also an interest. i was happy to work hard, learn more, and was expanding skills and interests. I miss my daily work routine, and that purposefulness I felt each day.

I resigned from my job Aug 2012 after about 10 years. I needed some time for medical followup the workplace couldn't accommodate. Forced to choose, I had to prioritize my health.

I had no idea how tough times would become, but I remain fortunate in many ways.

Deric is my best friend, thoroughly committed life-partner, biggest supporter and love of my life.

I'm now closer with my family too.

Real friends stuck by me. Others showed true colors, and took off.

There is always a silver lining. I will always look for it and usually I find it.

Lilydalelah was my username, unique to me for 10 years, until an imposter began cyberstalking and smearing me online with this name.

She launched attacks defaming both Deric and me, starting in 2011, and is still escalating. Our legal names were also included, with applicable keywords and personal data, but mixed with vicious keywords and themes of horrible lies.

Blackhat SEO tactics later became the focus, until my identity was smeared to some terrible fictitious character nothing like who I am.

Deric's legal name was smeared on the outset since his spelling is so unique, whereas the cyberpath initially focused on my unique Lilydalelah username. But the tactics changed over time, now with a focus on manipulating aggregate data, playing tug of war with my identity. .

The perpetrator is a disturbed, vindictive stalker working a vendetta I will never fully understand.

Some apparently are fooled by this imposter. I am paying a huge price for this criminal's deliberately damaging actions.

We have scruples and are honest, ethical, people. As IT professionals and overall good people, if content doesn't reflect this, it's not ours.

Ask us when in doubt.

We didn't go crazy, become mean or suddenly turn into morons. We don't engage in tasteless behavior, consume p0rn, or harbor sordid secrets.


  • Work
    • Web Administration
  • Education
    • University of Delaware, BSHR (summa) 1994 | BCCC, Web Design Cert 2002