Linda Heavner Gerald

Florida, United States

Linda is retired and lives with her husband on the Forgotten Coast of Florida. Here is the setting for her most recent book, Murdered Twice. The area, famous for the most beautiful beaches in the world, must wrestle with the aftermath of a viscous murder; which causes residents to lock doors, remaining inside away from the glories of nature. Delicious Tupelo Honey, the most desirable of the nectars, silently gathers in hives. Locals collect it lovingly, as did ancestors throughout the long past of the area. Gulf County Detective, Sue Gibbs, also lovingly gathers something of worth. Slowly, she chips at family and friends. Even the revered ladies of the community, Panhandle Patriots, are not beyond her scrutiny. These special ladies, quietly sift through mysteries on yellowing sheets from earlier generations. Many residents try to hide secrets as the truth begins to surface. Detective Gibbs will sort through it all and reveal such dark, hidden betrayals, that the area will tremble for years to come.

Waiting for release, soon on Amazon, is Sins of Summer. Audrey Brock, thought of herself as a golden girl. Her dream life shrouded her as a cocoon of a metamorphosing butterfly. Suddenly, everything changed. Her gorgeous, wealthy husband fell for another. Her best friend tired of her demands. Wine and food became a crutch. Her beautiful appearance, changed into an overweight woman, who no longer cared about such trivial matters as appearance. When she thought that things could not get worse, her new friend arrived late one evening, with a new threat. The monster, who robbed her of childhood in her fifteenth year, was coming for her again. This time, he would demand the symbol of love and comfort from her destroyed past.

Linda's goal is to demonstrate that no matter what grievous mistakes we make, both for ourselves and others, no one is beyond the redemptive love of God. He is searching for us all.

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    • Degree in Nursing, Real Estate Broker