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Vexillologist in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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hello!! I hope you're reading this because I've now switched accounts! 🎋

im lily! some call me by real name aka danaë and that's fine as well! I'm a genderfluid homosexual that loves balkan landmasses, history, flags, her friends and girlfriend and montherze! I love traveling and hope to live in Mostar 🇧🇦

heres somethings I recommend you don't follow me, if you are :

• homophobic

• DEPISE : eurovision, yugotalia, hetalia, wadanohara, llsif!, chakra, history, and geography!

• are going to make war jokes and stereotypes around me

• going to be annoyed by my psycho love of montherze

I think ink that's about it! I do have kins and a tag list however I'm not one to get salty or mad if you share the same kin or tag bc I will happily tag you as the character instead of me!

List :

* ID kin

🌸* just for tagging

nothing means they're a kin I loved to be tagged as!

• Herzegovina*

• Macedonia*

• Vojvodina

• Japan🌸

• Nyo China

• Sweden 🌸

• Switzerland

• Bulgaria

• Fukami🌸

• Eli Ayase🌸

• Hanayo Koizumi 🌸

• Kotori Minami

• Weiss 🌸

• Sayaka ( PMMM ) 🌸

i believe that's about it!! If you kin with any of them let me know and I'll be sure to tag you as them! Unless it's the first 3 + Switzerland bc those guys are rlly rlly close to my heart and it's hard for me to tag anyone else as them

Come and talk to me about history!! I'm a huge historian! I'm mainly very skilled / good with Balkan, Nordic, Middle Eastern, Central Africa, Brazilian, Ancient, and Caucasian! I'll talk to you about any country! I'm also in debate so excuse my tendencies to get very angered and argue in long paragraphs!

Also always feel free to hmu for an RP! I'm a huge lover of rolepaying and I always always will be up for it! Especially if one of my OTPS!

I believe that's all! If you're read this good job you get one of those delicious soft frosted cookies 💕