Lily Java

Writer in Brooklyn, New York

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Lily Java lives and finds constant inspiration in her beloved hometown: New York City.

For many years Lily toyed with the idea of writing a novel. In 2014 she started three. Her debut, a romantic and highly suspenseful novel called STICKY MOON was published in November 2014 and is available on Amazon and B&N. Then in 2015 a romantic prequel novella called Prelude For Tomorrow was released.

So now that Lily accomplished her plan for writing a novel what's next? World domination is not completely out of the realm of possibility but most likely many more stories are still waiting in the wings, the rafters, and some are even hidden under the floorboards.

On the docket for 2016 look for two exciting collaborations from Lily with other writers; 1) Women: Withstanding All is an anthology that will release in March in celebration of Women's History Month, 2) Another romantic compilation is underway for June but that's still TOP SECRET. Also look for two sequels from this year as well 1) BURNT HOLLOW, another Harper/Sparrow Crime Story and sequel to STICKY MOON is coming and 2) Flawed Spirit the sequel to the novella Prelude For Tomorrow and a continuation of Shari and Jarod's story will drop by Summertime

In the meantime you can find excerpts, musings, and occasionally free stories on Lily's website.

To contact Lily Java (LJ), don't hesitate to reach out by clicking below this bio on any of the social media links or reach out via email at