Lily Jax

Florida, United States

Hi there, I'm Lily...LilyJax. Hairbrush extraordinaire.

Fill me up with your favorite styling spray and watch me go to work on your hair; making it big, voluptuous and rockstar-worthy.

I work like a vent brush for short hair and a round brush for long. Because of my unique design, I give you a perfect blowout every time, no matter the length or texture. I boast the best boar bristles for shine and the best nylon bristles for lift and movement.

Not to mention, I have an easy-to-fill reservoir for your desired spray and a removable brush head for easy cleaning. I’m very lightweight and if you use me, you won’t have to juggle my sister (a brush), my friend (a blowdryer), and a bottle all at the same time in order to get stunningly drop-dead hair.

I’m not available in stores, but you can find me online,

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