Lily McGrath

I am a wife, mother, grandmother, and professional. I have a Bachelors degree in Education and a Masters degree in Education Administration. I believe that all students can learn when given the appropriate time, materials, and instruction. I am tough, but fair and push students to acheive new limits. I was raised to believe that I can do anything I set my mind to do, and I like to try to pass that along to my students.

I have 18 years experience teaching mostly 5th grade, in all subject areas. I like to utilize Learning Styles, Differintiated Instruction, Discovery Learning, and Hands-On activities as much as possible. My most recent teaching position was Reading where I also taught inclusion students. We were able to obtain more than 92% passing on the TAKS test (2009). The next school year I took off to be with family.

I am currently the Federal Programs / Grant Coordinator in a 3A district in Central Texas. I have developed procedures and guidelines for various programs. I have maintained programs to meet Grant compliance. I was able to bring one grant rating from 22 up to 96. I am a very organized person and pay attention to details. Duties and responsibilties include: Prepare and submit applications for federal, state, and competitive grants. Prepare and submit annual evaluations, interim reports and documentation. Develop two-way collaborative process with program contacts and community partners. Manage financial and program information on a continual basis. Be knowledgeable of and ensure program guidelines, district policies and federal agency requirements. Be knowledgeable of the district needs for effective use of funds and ensure efficiency. Maintain data for all positions funded from entitlements. Continually communicate with various levels of the district stakeholders on grant information. Work closely with the Finance Department. Monitor all Federal and State grants, as well as Migrant, Bilingual/ESL, PreK, Career & Technology Ed, and Homeless Programs and documentation.