Lincoln Coutts

Brisbane, Queensland

Alternative Therapist. Phobia Fixer. Speaker. Trainer.

With over 21 years experence, Lincoln's take on health and wellbeing, stress management and stress reduction is very different from most. His approach is to look for the underlying physical, nutritional/chemical and mental/emotional causes rather than simply focusing on the mental or emotional sides of stress.

Lincoln takes a whole person approach...

He likes to provide fast effective solutions, that will help in both the short and the long term. Working with your body to reduce stress overall, so you can then deal with stressful situations more effectively as they pop up.

He has been lucky enought to have studied with some of the greats of alternative medicine, nutrition and energy psychology including , Brian H. Butler, Dr. Shelden Deal and Chris Smith, also Dr. George Goodheart, Dr. Carl Ferrari and Dr. John F.Thie, Patrick Holford, Jeffrey Bland and Gary Craig.

Lincoln is also a health & wellbeing, science and technology geek through and through. He loves diving into the latest research findings and you'll often find him reading a book on the latest research in applied kinesiology, nutrition, neuroscience, behavioural biology, energy psychology or the like.

If you have got this far and want help in overcoming a health issus, just get in touch...